A Mash-up of Snapple, Maroon 5 and Feeding America

*This post is shared courtesy of Brighter World Cause Marketing, leading firm in marketing communications for cause-related campaigns.

September marks a new cause marketing campaign for Snapple, where they’ve paired up with Maroon 5 for a limited time flavor. Both the drinks manufacturer and Grammy-award winning band will combine forces to donate $250,000 to support Feeding America. Pretty awesome — that equates to 175 million meals for the hungry.

All in all, a great idea. Maroon 5 fans will love that the band members each chose a tea ingredient to create the refreshing new Tea Will Be Loved flavor. Plus, naturally, many will be delighted to see the cause-related product.

The thing that we find missing, however, is the connection to the cause. We know how much Maroon 5 and Snapple will donate, but we don’t know why they’re donating. Sure, there’s a natural fit with any food-related business and hunger-relief charity, but we sure would love to see more — more stories, more info about the cause, and more call to action.

We didn’t see anything about how the public can support Feeding America. Nor did we see a link to the nonprofit site. But of course, there’s still a win/win/win. Snapple looks good. Maroon 5 looks good. Feeding America gets a nice “shout out” plus a wad of money.

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