First, the important stuff…

Here’s why you can count on me to deliver persuasive, response-producing copy you can actually use – the first time – that comes out on deadline and connects buyers to your sales funnel:

  • Front-end to back-end knowledge. If you need landing pages that capture and convert, online sales letters to grab attention, content-rich articles that showcase your capabilities, upsell letters that persuade higher sales, autoresponders that win over cold prospects, etc., I’ll give you exactly what you need.
  • Multi-media platform experience. I know copywriters who refuse to write for the Internet while others turn their noses up at direct mail. I draw from the best of both worlds. The laws of good copy can be applied to print media or online, though both areas benefit tremendously from specialized knowledge (which I have).
  • Professionalism (without arrogance). I have a lot to offer, but I also know how crucial it is to pause my own process and learn about yours before we move forward together on a project. This also means I stay open-minded when presented with fresh ideas.
  • Good, solid, persuasive copy. I skip being cute and clever and go straight to grabbing attention with confidence. I also know enough to pay homage to the fundamental rules of copywriting before breaking them.
  • Expertise in an area that has HUGE impact on your marketing dollar. It’s called cause marketing, and it’s something many of your competitors are already doing – though not necessarily the right way.
  • Advanced degrees and training. I have the educational background to deal with heavy research and professional presentation, meaning I can “make the case” for your products by drawing from highly credible sources in a creative way. Here’s my LinkedIn profile if you want all the details.

Now, the personal stuff…

Here’s why you’ll find me easygoing and fun to work with:
Cavalier King Charles Pups

  • I think Cavalier King Charles Spaniels represent pure happiness. If everybody had a Cavalier to dote on them, the world would be a dang friendlier place.
  • In the question of mountains or ocean, I choose mountains. Have to. It’s in my blood (I was raised at the base of the Rockies).
  • Half the thrill of water skiing is the paradox of how much water feels like cement when you take a tumble. Experience talking.
  • Along with the U.S., I’ve lived in Australia and Europe. Europe’s nice, but I’d head back Down Under in a heartbeat. Where else can you find both muffins and spiders the size of a melon?
  • There’s nothing like spending the afternoon writing in a coffee shop with crooning jazz. Good for the soul and the creative mind.

Professional Memberships:

Direct Marketing Association

The Professional Writers’ Alliance

Association for Women in Communications, NM Chapter

American Marketing Association, NM Chapter

Cause Marketing Forum