Coffee that Makes a Difference

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While staying at a lovely bed & breakfast in Snow Hill, North Carolina, I was introduced to an incredibly tasty coffee. When I asked my innkeeper where the coffee came from, she named a North Carolina-based business that donates a portion of its coffee purchases to a turtle rescue nonprofit.

My ears perked up as I heard this. Have I discovered a new, delicious coffee company that uses cause marketing? How exciting!

The business is Joe Van Gogh, a coffee roaster based out of Hillsborough, NC with coffee houses in Chapel Hill and Durham. I really love their campaign because when it comes down to the heart of it, they support a handful of excellent causes, and combine these into their overall brand as a sustainable, community-focused business that appreciates the fine nature of coffee. Joe Van Gogh Coffee logo

My Fave Joe Van Gogh Campaign

For the month of May, Joe Van Gogh sells the Organic Sea Turtle Blend, that benefits the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. The program rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured sea turtles. With every bag of Joe Van Gogh coffee, 10% of net profits are donated to the rescue center.

Even more inspiring is the company helped come up with the coffee blend by working with an 11-year-old girl, who shared a passion for turtles and helping to save them. As a joint effort, they used profits and marketing in the community to help raise awareness for sea turtles and their endandered status.

And here’s a quick glance at some other causes the coffee company supports:

  • JVG worked with the local Habitat for Humanity during the holiday season, offering their “Home for the Holidays” blend. A clever coffee name and a wonderful charity.
  • Last autumn, they supported Grounds for Health, a fantastic charity that offers much-needed screenings to detect and treat cervical cancer for women in coffee growing countries. Check out the description.

The recipe for Joe Van Gogh’s cause marketing success has to do with the stories they tell with their featured coffee blends. When promoting a cause, the organization uses the art of telling a story behind each coffee to get things going.

Great job, Joe Van Gogh!

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