Did You Know This Shocking Fact About Google?

*This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter, located at www.bly.com

Incredibly, sites can actually have different positions in Google depending on who is searching for them!

“Several things can account for differences in search engine position results,” says my SEO guru Ed Taylor. “One factor is the Google server (data center) that is accessed. Google has many data centers around the world and they often have slightly different rankings.”

Another factor affecting the results you see in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is the location of your PC. According to Ed, this is especially evident on searches that Google deems of a local nature (i.e. a dentist). In the case of local searches, very often the Google Map setting will appear with a group of listings specific to the local area.

Ranking differences can also result from the searcher’s computer settings. Computers that are logged into a Google account often display different ranking results that than those that are not. These results are influenced by the web sites the searcher has visited in the past.

Recommendation: The best way to view core Google indexes — the rankings uninfluenced by your browsing history and location – is to log out of your Google account, clear out your browser’s cookies and cache, and then perform a search on your keyword.

Source: Ed Taylor, www.edtaylor.com

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