Do You Really Need A Website?

Yes. At least, if you want to run a credible business that generates leads and regularly grows sales.

Ten years ago you could have gotten away without a website. Even five years ago.

But today, websites are the go-to source for any kind of consumer-driven information. Hard copies of the YellowPages don’t even make it out of their delivery bags these days. They go straight to the recycling bin.

For that matter, even the YellowPages have gotten on board with the web, now sporting the hip “” URL and business name.

Some people argue that a website still isn’t important for the small business or independent service professional. That may be the case, if your business grows steadily by word-of-mouth and you’re fully booked six months out.

Even so, wouldn’t it be nice to grow your business? Add on resources? If you’re so successful without the web, imagine how your business could grow by leaps and bounds with a functional site!

And, if you’re just getting started in business or like the idea of growing your revenue, a professional website is the first place to start.

Check out my post on web content marketing to find out the five essential elements of any professional website.

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