How To Write Active, Conversational Copy

Here’s the funny thing about effective, persuasive copywriting: You do better if you forget most everything you learned beyond eighth grade.

Huh?” you say. “Then what was the point of high school? College?

From a copywriter’s standpoint, higher education is valuable for other reasons — you learn to see trends, unearth truths, or recognize deep cultural patterns, among other things.

But, as far as writing goes, the most effective style of conversing hits around the sixth-to-eighth grade range.

Why? Because that’s how we speak. Few people converse in lengthy sentences peppered with split infinitives and semi-colons. Instead, our conversations tend to have short sentences. Colloquialisms. Common phrases. Personalized observations. Slang.

When it comes to writing persuasive copy, the same holds true. You don’t want to bore your reader with long descriptions of the background and reasoning behind your product or service. Instead, write as if you were having a conversation. Hit your key points first. Make them interesting and brief. Use an active voice over a passive one.

Follow these tips, and you’re bound to have your readers stick with you for much longer. Ideally, to the point of sale.

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