Let Uncle Sam Write Your Special Reports at No Charge

In past issues, I’ve recommended that you have a “bait piece” – a special report, white paper, or other informational premium you give away to generate leads for your product or service.

But many marketers don’t produce info premiums because of the research and writing work involved.

An easy way to get around this is to visit the U.S. government’s Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) online. There are loads of how-to and information booklets on a wide range of topics such as money, health, travel, housing, nutrition, computers, small
business, and more.

If you find one that would make a good info premium for your business, you can print or download the text, put your own cover on it, print copies, and use it as your own freebie – without paying Uncle Sam a dime!

How? Most of these publications are not copyrighted, so the U.S. government allows you to use them for your own purposes (they do appreciate if you credit them as the source).

To see whether FCIC has a booklet you can use as a bait piece, go to their Web site:


Warning: Be sure to check the publication for copyright notices. If the booklet you selected is copyrighted, then you can’t use it.

*This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter, located at www.bly.com

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