Shop for a Cause at Macy’s

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Tomorrow, Saturday the 27th, is Macy’s 6th Annual Shop for a Cause Day. It’s sort of like a shop-a-thon for shoppers who love discounts and want to contribute to a cause.

How it works is any charities, school groups, and religious organizations can sign up to sell Macy’s 25% off coupons for $5. All proceeds of these coupons go to the nonprofit organization, so the more they sell, the more money they raise.

Overall, the promotion is a win-win. Macy’s comes out looking great by generously handing out the 25% discount and hosting the big shopping event (with in-store entertainment included!). Plus, causes of all sizes can get in on the action. Great!

And if you buy a coupon through Macy’s the money will go to the March of Dimes. This is all great stuff. Macy’s let’s small organizations fundraise through grassroots efforts and also supports one specific cause, the March of Dimes.

Clever work, Macy’s! We’d really love to see more social media outreach to promote this. Aside from the Macy’s website, there isn’t a whole lot of information on the campaign.

I discovered this earlier today when the Macy’s website was down. The best info I could find were some grassroots Facebook pages created by some of the participating small nonprofits. These were sites with an average of 6 fans and information to call or email representatives to make the $5 donation. Sounds like a lot of work for a small donation.

I acknowledge that it’s all about the grassroots part of the effort to get these small organizations involved. What surprised me is this is the lack of online info about Macy’s partnership with the March of Dimes. This is the first year the major nonprofit is the sole national beneficiary of the program. I’d love to see more information about the relationship. Aside from one press release and a section on the Macy’s website (including a video, which is always good), I really can’t find much. (Let me know if I just looked over it, but I didn’t see much on my search.)

Give us more info, Macy’s! But all, in all, keep up the good work. Macy’s has raised more than $28 million for charities across the country in the past 6 years. Let’s see what funds they can tally this year.

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