So Copy is King – But What Does That Mean?

While on the phone with a good friend today, I got asked a question I know well:

“So Mindy, what exactly is it that you do?”

Writing copy isn’t exactly on the top ten list of professions we all know well. It’s not something any elementary age kid aspires for (they’re busy dreaming about becoming nurses, firemen, or astronauts).

But copy does make the world go round. It fuels business interests, connects consumers to things they need and want, and informs.

My answer to my friend was, “Persuasive writing. Just think of me as a persuasive writer. I write the words that make people want things, along with the words that help people decide what they want and why they want it.”

That was enough to satisfy him.

I didn’t get into the “copy is king” theory, but it’s essentially the same thing. Copy is king because it fuels our needs, propels our desires, and prompts us to take action. That’s some powerful stuff.

How do you describe copywriting to your friends?

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