The 5 Essential Elements of Any Professional Website

If you want a credible business website that generates leads and earns you money, start with these basics:

1. No-Advertising Design

Plenty of Internet sites offer free templates and sometimes even free hosting, but it comes at a cost. Usually, you get stuck with a variety of ads from other vendors on your site. This is a big risk since you generally have no control over the types of ads. Plus, it can make you look unprofessional.

Instead, bite the bullet and invest a little. Hosting plans can come cheap, as can various templates or custom-designs. I’ll write a post soon on vendors I recommend.

2. The Big 3 Pages

Every website should have, at minimum, a Home, About, and Services page. These pages should interlink, and each one should prominently feature a way to contact you.

3. Testimonials

It’s great when you can have an entire page devoted to testimonials. If you don’t have the space, sprinkle them throughout the copy in your other pages. Testimonials are a great way to build credibility with new prospects.

4. Contact Form

If you prefer being contacted via email or by phone, that’s fine. But, it’s even better to supply a page with a contact form that visitors can easily fill out, whether they do it to request a quote or ask a question.

It comes down to making communication as easy as possible for your customers. If you supply a form, all they have to do is type up a few things and hit “Submit.” Plenty of free contact form widgets can be found on the Web. Just do a search.

5. Graphics

It’s our nature to be visual, so supply a few pictures to dress up your site. If you’re product-focused, put up a picture of your products. If you’re service-oriented, add pictures of your staff at work or at least add pictures of the individual members of your team.

If you’re just getting started, add royalty-free graphics to your pages that relate to your line of work. This will make your site and copy more visually appealing.

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