Want More Business? Don’t Do This.

We live in a convenient, fast-paced digital age. If you want to make a list of key prospects, all you have to do is visit a search engine. If you want the email addresses for those prospects, simply stop by their websites.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Easy, yes. But also inappropriate. If you send unsolicited, self-promotional emails to an email address whose recipient has not expressly requested contact from you, it’s considered spam.

Sending a spammy-email certainly doesn’t give you a good chance of winning over prospects.

What should you do instead?

You have a couple options. You could call first, introduce yourself and your business, and ask permission to send an informational email.

Or, you could deliver a snail-mail self-promo letter that directs the recipient to your website address, where he or she can then opt-in to your emails.

Sending an email as an initial point of contact isn’t out of the question, but you have to be careful of crossing those spam-boundaries. One alternative is to simply introduce yourself and your business, and then ask the recipient whether you can send more information on your services. If he or she replies with a “yes,” consider that permission to promote. (Note: that’s not the same as someone opting-in to your ongoing email list, so be careful there.)

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