Why Social Media Has Changed Business-As-Usual

A lot of businesses have caught onto the social media trend, but some still buck it as something that’s just passing fancy. Maybe they’re right, but chances are SUPER good they’re wrong. Worse, they’ll soon be left in the dust as backwards, old-fashioned businesses.

The thing about social media, and the reason it’s as powerful as it is, is that it gives consumers a voice. For years and years, big companies were able to control their images, right down to the phrasing of their taglines and the colors associated with their logos.

Thanks to the Internet, they’ve lost that power. The power is in the hands of the consumer, who can go onto any blog or website and eagerly praise a company’s good works … or spout off about a company’s poor product/service/customer relations.

Every company, regardless of size, needs to pay homage to the principles of good copywriting and put the customer first. True, most any company will say that’s what they already do, but they’re generally more interested in putting their own mission statement or reputation first. Now, reputations don’t mean anything without the blessing of the customers. And, social media offers an easy, quick, and effective way to deliver that blessing (or curse).

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