Why Using “You” Is So Valuable

Some writers, mostly journalists, are solidly against the use of the word “you” when writing copy. It’s as if they think writing in second-person narrative is second-class.

Really, it depends on the medium. If you’re writing for a newspaper or magazine article, second-person is less likely to be appropriate.

But, on a blog, in an email, or on a website, it’s essential — that is, if you’re looking to connect with your audience (and who isn’t?).

That’s because web-based conversations should be thought of as one-to-one conversations. Personalization is everything.

Take the advice of copywriting legend Claude Hopkins. In 1923, he told marketers, “Don’t think of people in the mass. This gives you a blurred view.”

Instead, as Claude put it, you should focus on individuals.

Not only will this make your writing more conversational, it’ll also ensure your message is personal. When it comes to selling on the web, that’s one of the golden keys.

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